Clases de Salsa, para individuales y grupos

Clases de Salsa en Cuba (La Habana)

Las classes de Salsa son para individuales y grupos 

Todo los profesores son de la escuela nacional de danza



Una semana cuesta 250 €  por 3 horas diarias de clases 5 dias, puede tener la cantidad de semanas que deseas. Si usted quiere más clases un día, también es posible, son 15 euros extra por clases. 

Si usted quiere estar en un hotel es 65 euros un sencillo y 55 la doble por día con bufe de la mañana y noche.

Tambien tenemos offertas de casa particulares de 30-60 euros por dia.

Para reservar: necesitamos su nombre completo y número de pasaporte, dirección y número de teléfono móvil, a continuación. El pago es directo en Cuba el primer dia en efectivo, a nuestro representante.


Un ejemplo del curso de baile, por una semana 

Si lo deseas diferente, solo tienes que avisarnos

Dia 1 Rumba 9:30-10:30, Cuban Salsa Casion 10:30-12:30

Dia 2 Afro Cubano  9:30-10:30, Cuban Salsa Casion  10:30-12:30

Dia 3 Son 9:30-10:30, Cuban Salsa Casion 10:30-12:30

Dia 4 Cha Cha Cha  9:30-10:30, Cuban Salsa Casion 10:30-12:30

Dia 5 Mambo  9:30-10:30, Cuban Salsa Casion 10:30-12:30





MiSalsaCubana FB


Just wanted to let you know that Heinz and I really enjoyed the Salsa course with you and our time in Cuba. You’ve done a fantastic job in matching us up with just the right dance partners and teachers and your organization and preparation of the trip was excellent. Wish we could have been there for the final show

Andrea Breidenbach & Heinz (Germany)

What an amazing trip! Great dancing, wonderful people and lot’s of sun! In class we learned how to dance Salsa, Rumba, Son and many other Latin dances. Also, Havana is a culturally interesting city and the selection of great bands and live dance performances is astonishing. My week in Havana with MiSalsaCubana was an incredibly positive experience, and all I can think about is how and when I can go back and do it all over again.

Carina Gustafsson-Smith (Sweden)

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic trip to Cuba this Eastern. Everything was very well organized, good and fun cuban dancers and teachers and the hotel worked very well. It has been a great pleasure to participate and it has been one of my best vacations ever. Hope to see you next year.

Ulla Eskerod (Denmark)

This trip was beyond anything I could've imagined for a vacation. Dancing with Cuban professional dancers was an experience I felt extremely privileged to have. Salsa dancing will never be the same for me again. Also, the group dynamics made this a very special experience. Not just within our own student group (bonding with visitors from many different countries) but also forming friendships with the Cubans and learning a lot about the culture in a way that that other tourists don't get to! How lucky to have found this course!!!!!!

Ani Nersessian (Canada)